Trish Sara

BCouns(Coaching), DipCouns
counselling + coaching for women

I’m Trish and I specialise in counselling and coaching women in the Lane Cove and Sydney’s Lower North Shore areas.

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How I can help

Each and every one of us is faced with life challenges from time to time. Our friends and family can be of great support however sometimes well-intentioned advice can lead us to feel even more confused and overwhelmed. This is when counseling can be of assistance.

My counseling relationship with you is one of trust and confidentiality, a safe place where you are free to express your feelings, concerns and desires without fear of being judged or told what you should do. I consider it a side-by- side  relationship. My sole focus in our sessions is to work with you to explore and navigate your challenges to find a way forward that suits and feels comfortable for you.

Why I work with women

Women are faced with many of the same issues as men, however some of the issues that cause us the most stress are often more prevalent in (but not exclusive to) our gender.

Emotions around becoming a mother, juggling work and home, changes that come with age and our perception of ourselves, the emotions around our children leaving home (or not leaving home!), caring for our aging parents just to name a few… can leave us feeling overwhelmed, disempowered and unable to focus on what we need and want for our lives, much less the time and space to flourish.

As a mature woman with personal experience in all these  challenges, I have a passion to help other women navigate life’s stresses in a way that is both empowering and geared towards personal growth and fulfillment now and into the future.

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