We all have watershed moments in our life. Sometimes they are the result of a catastrophic event in our lives and at others a slow, cumulative build.

They are uncomfortable and sometimes downright awful but they also present an opportunity to discover and build on our strengths, to find out who we really are and what we want for our lives. In short, they are an opportunity to grow.

I’d like to share one of my watershed experiences in the hope that something in my story may resonate with you.

My watershed was a slow build and came to a climax at a most inconvenient time, as they always do. I had a business to run, my husband was also working long hours, my children were teenagers (with all the ups and downs that entails) and my mother and mother-in-law were both rapidly becoming frail and in need of extra attention and care.

After years of working from a misinformed belief that I had to meet everyone’s expectations in order to be valued and loved, I was exhausted, unhappy and had not a clue what I wanted for my life and what would make me happy and fulfilled.

For the first time in my life, I was experiencing depression which had crept up after years of feeling anxious and inadequate. And it felt terrible.

I made an appointment with my GP. Seated before her, she asked me what the problem was. I promptly burst into tears, then heaving great sobs. It took a while to compose myself while she patiently waited. I found it hard to articulate what was happening. Finally I said, “I feel as if I’m unraveling and I’m scared”.

Thankfully she was both empathetic and supportive. She referred me to a wonderful counselor who worked with me for some months until my world was back on its axis and I had a clearer idea of what I needed for myself and what it would take for me to be happy.

One of the decisions I made was to become a counselor. I wanted to be able to help others as she had helped me.

It took a great leap of faith to make the first step. I had never considered myself an academic. But because I had a great passion for what I now wanted I found the courage to start and complete a diploma and then a degree. The moment I stepped onto the podium to be formally presented with my degree was one of the proudest moments of my life. I found my passion and through this, myself.

But it started with a watershed.

If you are reading this blog post today and think you’re having a watershed moment, it’s really difficult to do it on your own.  I would love the opportunity to walk with you through your watershed moment.  You can either call me on 0438 388 336 or book your appointment on this website.